Adidas XC Challenge

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Athlete Instructions

Athletes can begin reporting to the starting line 20 minutes prior to beginning of their designated race to be checked-in. Athletes must have their bib numbers on the front of their uniforms and must have the timing chip attached to their spikes when checking-in with the clerk. All athletes must report to their assigned starting box 5 minutes prior to the start of the race.

After crossing the timing mats at the finish line, athletes will enter the finisher chute. Athletes will then proceed to the finish corral to have their timing chips collected. Athletes will exit out the back of the corral after their chips have been collected.

Finish Corral

Finishing athletes will be the only individuals permitted in the finish corral, which is where the timing chips will be collected. Coaches, family, and spectators will not be allowed to enter the finish corral.

If an athlete goes down, the medical staff will remove the athlete to the medical tent adjacent to the finish corral.


There will be several certified athletic trainers on-hand to assist athletes if there is any need. The WakeMed Emergency Medical site will also be on site to assist if needed.