Adidas XC Challenge

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Timing and Results


Athletes in all races will be assigned one timing chip that will be worn on either shoe (make sure that the number on the chip matches the assigned bib number). Chips will be collected in the finish corral after each runner finishes. Failure to return chips for any reason will result in a $20 charge per chip not returned.

Official results will be verified using IdentiLynx camera.

Attaching Chips

Each timing chip should be attached to the athlete’s shoes using a small security tie located in the participant/team packet. Loop the tie through the laces of the shoes (see photo to the side for an example). It is the coach’s and athlete’s responsibility to ensure that the timing chip is securely fastened to the shoe.

It is important to use the security ties as it is easier for the finish line crew to remove it when you finish. If you tie the chip into your laces you will have to untie your shoes when you finish or have your laces cut. Please note, WE DO NOT RECOMMEND TYING THE CHIPS INTO THE LACES.


Results will be posted as soon as possible after every competitor in a race has finished. They will be posted near the meet Timing tent. Results will be posted online at and