Adidas XC Challenge

challenge yourself – challenge the team – challenge the program



The top-10 finishers in Men’s and Women’s College/Open races will receive a t-shirt after exiting the corral.

High School

Individual Awards

The top-10 individual finishers will receive their medals when they are recognized at the awards ceremonies as noted in the time schedule. The 11th-25th place finsihers can receive their medal at the table located near the awards stage once results have been posted. If an athlete fails to pick-up his or her medal at the meet, it will NOT be mailed to them upon completion of the meet.

Team Awards

  • Varsity Races: Top-3 Teams
  • JV Races: 1st Place Team

Championship Cup Award

2020 will mark the ninth year of the Championship Cup award that will go to the top program from the Championship Race. The program with the lowest combined team placing (i.e. 2nd place + 4th place = 6) will be named the Team/Program of the meet. In the event of ties with a overall team places, a tie-breaker involving the placing of each teams 5th runner will be used.